Asteroid Challenge Mission 2: Zombie Geometry

Challenge Mission 2: Zombie Geometry

The second challenge mission available in the Asteroid Stage is Zombie Geometry, which involves you dodging obstacles again, much like in the previous challenge, however with it’s own special twists. Again, you will have to wait out a timer to reach the score you need.

Easy Score: 30 seconds
Medium Score: 1 Minute
Hard Score: 1:30 (1 Minute, 30 Seconds)

The general trick to this level is quickly determining the path of the obstacles that are flying at you in each wave while looking for an appropriate opening as soon as possible. All the items you find will annihilate you in a single hit, so you will have to avoid any collision whatsoever. Another unique twist here is that you’re screen will be looked to one section of space, with obstacles spawning at the edges, thus your mobility is limited to a degree, having to stay within the confines of the screen itself. Since the majority of objects flying at you will be missiles, you can use their trails to give you an early idea of where they will be flying. Finally, take note that the waves are the same in each play through and won’t change depending on your location in space, so trying multiple times will also allow you to predict what you need to do in order to make it further.

Zombie Geometry Video Guide

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