Black Hole Stage

This guide covers the final stage of existence in the PC and Xbox 360 video game Solar 2, the Black Hole stage. This stage is reached through gaining maximum mass as a Neutron Star in the Star stage. Below you will find tips and strategies for unlocking the Black Hole related achievements and progression towards the Big Crunch and its achievement.

  1. Black Hole to Big Crunch Progression (Below)
  2. Speed Cycle Achievement
  3. Flying Blind Achievement

If you are looking for additional guides for this video game you can find links below to the other stage indexes which hold more information and links to guides specific to those stages of existence.

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Black Hole to Big Crunch Progression

The final stage of the game is pretty straightforward and probably the most significantly different from the previous stages at the same time. Upon collapsing in on yourself as a star, you’re one last goal in existence is to soak up anything and everything in sight with your astronomical (ha) gravity well on your way to the Big Crunch.

Solar 2 - Black Hole to Big Crunch Progression

You will want to make sure you have the interface on (I key for PC) unless going for the Flying Blind achievement covered below, as the one danger you will now face is Black Holes that are larger than you. While the interface is on, their nearby presence is indicated with a red arrow and a spiral icon with an exclamation point. Their threat is as dangerous as the icon would suggest as getting close enough to actually see them usually results in inescapable death considering the immense pull of both your and its gravity well. The one solution here is to move in the opposite direction whenever one of these arrows shows up on your screen.

Upon reaching one million mass, you will hit the Big Crunch, sucking in the entire universe before becoming you’re very own Big Bang, spawning a new universe and beginning again as an asteroid. This will also unlock the achievement of the same name.

Gaining Mass Quickly as a Black Hole

Considering the amount of mass you need, asteroids and spacecraft, while numerous, are worthless to go after. Typically, you will want to go after Stars as often as possible, but more importantly, you want smaller Black Holes.

The best way to spawn additional tiny Black Holes is to pass near asteroid fields, which should have Dark Matter Asteroids spawning within them now, and instead of consuming them, fling them about by zipping past. If you throw the dark matter asteroids into solid objects like planets or stars, they will erupt into Black Holes and increase in mass thousands of times over instantly, which then makes them ripe for consumption.

In lieu of that, the only objects worth really slowing down or going out of your way for are Star as even Planets are pretty negligible, being about 10-20 times smaller than stars.

Gaining mass as a Black Hole in Solar 2, progressing towards the Big Crunch.

Black Hole to Big Crunch Video Guide

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