Duel Missions & The ‘Hobo Star’ Achievement

Duel Missions 1-3

The Duel missions are part of the Star and Solar System Stage in Solar 2, meaning you will need to spawn yourself as either a Star or Solar System in order to pick up and complete the missions successively. If at any point you move to another stage, be it respawning as a planet or advancing to a Black Hole, you will forfeit the mission and have to restart.

The Duel missions in Solar 2 will have you facing off against progressively larger and more dangerous enemy solar systems which you must completely demolish in each level to proceed onwards. The strategies are pretty much the same for each mission but the differences in what you are fighting will be listed below. Also, for those of you who have already pulled off the Grind Star achievement, there is a special method you can use here.

  1. Level one has you fighting against a single Medium Star with 6 orbiting planets all starting with 3 turrets.
  2. Level two has you fighting a Large Star with 8 planets all starting at the 3 turrets experience level.
  3. The last mission pits you against a Tri-Large Star system with 10 planets all at full experience. Quite the challenge indeed.
Duel 3 - Solar 2
Fighting the ultimate champion in Duel 3

Tactics for these Missions:

Generally, your best bet here is spawning your max life system and fighting it out by plowing your stars into the planets orbiting the enemy solar system until you have an upper hand. Once you have at least 2 more planets than the enemy system, your life should slowly start to overrun the enemy, hastened further by continual physical strikes to the planets and the stars once their shields are down.

If you have completed and saved your Grind Star system:

If you have one of these super star systems from unlocking this achievement, you can literally just sweep over the enemy to complete these missions practically instantly. If you’re going to do both, do this achievement first to cut down the time it takes you to blast through the Duel chain.

Unlocking the ‘Hobo Star’ Achievement

Start the 3rd part of the “Duel” mission as a single star with no planets and beat it in under 3 minutes.

To unlock the Hobo Star achievement, you will have to beat this mission starting as a single star with no planets. To perform the Hobo Star task effectively, you should be a Large Star with as much possible mass before hitting neutron star, then use your star to knock the planets orbiting this system into the stars itself. Once you drop the system to 4-5 planets, you can steal some of them to give yourself a shield and continue plowing the targets.

Remember, you only need a sliver of shield up to stop all damage from a collision so once you have shields up, make your hits hard against other unshielded targets. Finally you will have to do this in under three minutes to unlock the Hobo Star achievement. Alternatively, you can try to use your gravity well to propel the enemy solar system into other objects but this can be hit or miss depending on what spawns in the area.

Duel Missions Video Guide

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