Planet Stage Challenge Mission 1: ‘Atom’

Challenge Mission 1: “Atom”

The Atom planet challenge mission has your purple moon planet tasked with doing a little bit of quick puzzle based billiards solved using physics in Solar 2. What you will have to do here is knock 7 red planets out of a large circle drawn in space while keeping a single blue planet within this circle. Collision damage is turned off in this level.

Easy Score: Completed in under 40 seconds.
Medium Score: Completed in under 25 seconds.
Hard Score: Completed in under 15 seconds.

The quickest way to complete this mission is to play much like you would, a game of billiards, right off the bat. Slam your planet into the cluster of planets in the middle of the circle, the red planets should be surrounding the blue one, which will cause the group to scatter. Done correctly, this wall throw at least 4 of the red planets out of the circle, while giving you the chance to quickly move and bump the blue planet to keep it inside. From there, just hastily ram the remaining red planets to knock them away. A few practice tries should allow you to get the hang of this without much problem.

Planet Stage Challenge Mission 1: “Atom” Video Guide

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