Multi-Star Challenge Mission 2: Planet Stealer & Master Thief Achievement

The Planet Stealer, Multi-Star challenge mission in Solar 2 requires a bit more finesse than the previous challenge, Chaos Duel. Spawned in as a pair of Medium Stars, it will be your task to knock planets out of the orbit of enemy star systems, in order to then collect them yourself and grow your own star system. This means you will need to be careful when bumping them away just enough to be gently captured by your own orbit lines. On the plus side, there is no collision damage on this mission, so you don’t have to worry about blowing the planets up, though you want to avoid chasing them down forever.

Easy Score: Steal at least 2 planets.
Medium Score: Steal at least 4 planets.
Hard Score: Steal at least 6 planets.

The key thing here is to knock the planets away or towards their stars, to make them cross their orbit paths and break free. Try to avoid hitting them in ways that will just send them faster in their orbits, which makes it harder to steal them away. Only planets knocked free from the orbits other systems count, so planets that spawn as random strays will not help you here, however free planets broken away from other forces will count towards your score. Also be cautious for other nearby stars that might end up stealing your targeted planets, if they are in the path.

If you lose any of your stolen planets, the Planet Stealer challenge mission will end, so you will need to be careful as you get larger, since you become more at risk of accidentally knocking one of your planets loose when headbutting other star systems for their planets. For a safer method of acquiring more planets, try to hang around other large systems flying through space and wait-for them to collide with each other, leaving you to scoop the planets that fly away in the aftermath.

Unlocking the Master Thief Achievement

The Master Thief achievement in Solar 2 requires that you surpass the hard score all the way to 10 stolen planets. There is no time limit in this mission, it is merely a test of your skill and patience, especially since the last couple planets will be the hardest. The more planets you have, the easier it is to lose them, which can really suck when you’re just one away from unlocking the achievement. Just make good use of the strategy mentioned above, especially waiting near other systems for them to collide with each other and score free, safely stolen planets from the aftermath.

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