Star Challenge Mission 1: ‘Dark Dodger’

Star Challenge Mission 1: ‘Dark Dodger’

The Dark Dodger star challenge mission will have you as a Neutron Star, tasked with staying within a large circle drawn in space while waves of dark matter asteroids are spawned near you non-stop. It is up to you to dodge and survive these rocks as much as possible, at least 35 seconds needed for the hard score, realizing that a single impact will spawn a black hole that will suck in and destroy your star.

Easy Score: Survive for at least 15 seconds.
Medium Score: Survive for at least 25 seconds.
Hard Score: Survive for at least 35 seconds.

These challenge isn’t as difficult as it may sound, as for starters in Dark Dodger the asteroids are spawned slowly and with little to no beginning speed. The one factor working against you is the massive gravity well of the neutron star that will constantly pull them towards you. As a helping hand, the path function is forced on in this mission, allowing you to move opposite of the oncoming asteroids direction while evading collisions with them. Keep in mind the asteroids will stay within the circle and the challenge is made progressively harder by their increasing numbers, although some may collide with each other and absorb one another at the same time. Don’t stop moving and stay as far away from all of them as possible to limit your gravitational pull.

Star Challenge: Dark Dodger - Solar 2
Evading the asteroids in Dark Dodger.

Dark Dodger Video Guide

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