Star Challenge Mission 3: ‘Snowball Fight’

Star Challenge Mission 3: ‘Snowball Fight’

The Snowball Fight challenge mission is a special challenge added for the 2011 Steam Winter Sale as one of the gift grab games, with the associated achievement Snowflake Star which unlocks for players earning at least 4 points, or the medium score for this mission. The idea here is to take your star with 8 orbiting, lifeless snow planets, and fight a duplicate of your system by smacking your snow planets, or snowballs, into the enemy star without taking hits yourself. Each hit you take reduces your score by 1 and hits you make on the enemy increase your score by 1. The mission ends when either system is devoid of its snowballs.

Easy Score: End the challenge with at least 2 points.
Medium Score: End the challenge with at least 4 points.
Hard Score: End the challenge with at least 6 points.

Unlocking the Snowflake Star Achievement

In Snowball Fight and the achievement Snowflake Star, you can earn up to 8 points by completing the round perfectly by smacking all your snowballs into the enemy star without taking any hits yourself, or losing a snowball by hitting one of the enemy’s planets with one of your own. Snowball to snowball collisions cost and earn you no points.

The enemy star is completely motionless, allowing you to navigate in between its orbiting planets with your own, although will begin to move if drawn in by your gravity well and close presence, so avoid hovering around it to much to keep it from flying across the screen. Take your time, since there is no clock or timer here, and wait for the orbits of both system’s planets to make your hits easier, keeping in mind to avoid any strays. If you haven’t already, it helps to get an idea of how orbits work in Solar 2.

Star Challenge: Snowball Fight - Solar 2
Hitting the enemy star with a snow planet in Snowball Fight.

‘Snowball Fight’ Video Guide

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