Star Challenge Mission 2: ‘Getaway Again’

Star Challenge Mission 2: ‘Getaway Again’

The Getaway Again star challenge mission in Solar 2, as its name suggests, is a repeat of the Getaway star story mission with a new twist to have you facing off against. You will need to complete the entire course while taking as little damage as possible as a large star. Note: You cannot escape the course to complete this mission as you can do with the story version, you will have to take the difficult route and navigate the entire course to succeed.

Easy Score: Less than 1500 damage taken.
Medium Score: Less than 500 damage taken.
Hard Score: Less than 150 damage taken.

If you have already completed Getaway, you will actually find this challenge a little bit easier in some respects, considering the course itself is somewhat easier to navigate. However the challenge here comes with avoiding damage. Your best bet is to not worry so much about asteroids, avoiding them when possible, but soaking up the hits when dodging them may otherwise cause you to collide with something larger. Since the damage of asteroids is only 1 per rock, you can soak up at least 149 asteroid hits without facing failure or denying you the hard score. As long as you can avoid the stars themselves, you will be fine here, however if not, a single high damage collision with one can mean failure. The path key will help you predict oncoming paths, and remember to utilize and watch out for the effects of both your gravity well and that of the star lane.

Getaway Again Video Guide

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