Concert Mission 1

In the first mission of the Concert levels of Solar 2 you are tasked by the Entity with transporting some delicate electronic equipment in preparation for the greatest rock show the universe has ever seen. This mission is simple in terms of orders, traveling from the mission start beacon to a second location beacon marked on your map upon starting the level. If destroyed in this mission you will fail the level.

You will want to be a life planet for this level so that you will have shields to protect your planet from any collisions. Using the path key (P) will help let you know if nearby hazards may be on a collision course with your planet, allowing you a heads up when you need to change your direction. If performing this mission normally you can take your sweet time getting to the beacon, so utilize patience unless completing the I’m Late! achievement covered below.

Dashing through Concert level 1 with a massive asteroid shield.

“I’m Late!” Achievement

In order to get the I’m Late! achievement in Solar 2, you will have to reach the mission completion beacon within one minute. To help you gauge your time there is a timer that displays as soon as you finish the level, which combined with the percentage of distance traveled, you can gauge just how well you are doing and if failing to attain I’m Late!, will give you an idea of how much you may need to improve. Using a stop watch, just counting in your head or some sort of other timer can also be helpful.

Since the universe is perpetually randomly generated, repeating this mission will present you with a new obstacle course each time, so it is possible to repeat the level a few times until you get a path that is mostly clear.

Combined with the shields granted by a fully experienced and evolved Life Planet, I have found it helpful to travel with a heavy asteroid shield using the methods covered to unlock the Asteroid Nursery achievement. Having a large amount of orbiting asteroids can help by not only giving you a very wide field of view, allowing you to see obstacles coming up from greater distances, but will also assist with providing a secondary shield to stop projectiles, hostile spacecraft or potentially deflect other asteroids or planets that may collide with you. This strategy is helpful for many different missions and achievements in the planet stages beyond only the I’m Late! achievement. As you may expect, there is very little you can do to protect from a collision with a star, beyond moving out of the way.

Unlocking the I’m Late! achievement in the Steam version of Solar 2.

Concert Mission 1 + “I’m Late!” Achievement Video Guide

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