Multi-Star Challenge Mission 1: Chaos Duel

Chaos Duel Challenge

Chaos Duel has you spawned as a twin star, with a full solar system consisting of evolved life planets with physics options turned up for both max turrets and max lifeforms, facing off a similar multi-star system. Your enemy will have an upper hand here, with their stars consisting of two neutron stage stars with yours being medium sized. The task here is to destroy the dual stars of the enemy system while surviving, within a set time limit to reach each score rating.

Easy Score: Destroy the enemy system in 3 minutes or less.
Medium Score: Destroy the enemy system in 2 minutes or less.
Hard Score: Destroy the enemy system in 1 minute or less.

The trick with Chaos Duel to quickly overcome the enemy for the hard score, is to start the fight off by blowing your system into theirs. Try to use your stars (preferably) to take out the enemy life planets, or your own planets if you can do so without losing too many, in order to get the star’s shields to drop. Once you have a significant life advantage you can allow some of the ships to help eradicate the enemy life bearing planets as well. Once the enemy star’s shields are down, with yours still up (hopefully) you can ram the neutron stars directly, detonating them while your star is saved by its shield. Switch to hitting with your second, still shielded star to take out #2 in the same fashion. Once the enemy neutron stars are gone, you win, even if there are life planets left floating through space.

Chaos Duel Video Guide

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