Nomad Love Missions & The ‘Asteroid Nursery’ Achievement

Nomad Love Missions 1-3

The Nomad Love chain of missions in Solar 2 have you facing off against gradually more challenging groups of Nomad ships which are out to threaten your existence. There are no separate strategies for each mission as the tactics for each are the same, simply slightly more challenging with more ships after you.

Asteroid Nursery is a free-form achievement in Solar 2, meaning it is unrelated to any of the missions in the Planet Stage, but can only be completed at this point in the game. To unlock this achievement you need to accumulate 15 asteroids in orbit around your planet.

Nomad Love Mission - Solar 2
Fighting off the enemy in Nomad Love.

Tips for Nomad Love

First off its best to have a fully evolved Life Planet with a significant amount of mass and a nice asteroid shield which can allow you to soak up tons of damage. Generally speaking the best tactic in these levels is to sweep over the Nomad ships after they are distracted with either your lifeform’s spaceships or other objects as to avoid plowing through a wave of lasers and missiles. Having this planet saved as one of your spawnable solar systems allows you to repeat this method through each mission with ease.

One second option to help handle the Nomad ships that you have to eliminate is to lead them towards a hostile life planet or solar system. This will preoccupy them with those defenders which will simultaneously thin the numbers of the Nomad waves.

Nomad Love Video Guide

The ‘Asteroid Nursery’ Achievement

Performing this task is best done using the path (P) and orbit (O) keys and provides excellent training in ways to quickly collect many asteroids in quick succession. Remember that new asteroids must be caught within the first 5 orbit rings around your planet. As the amount of objects in orbit around your planet grows your field of view will be pushed outwards allowing you to see more but also make it harder to capture new asteroids.

The best way to manage many asteroids at once is to capture them as gently as possible so they orbit your planet at a slow rate. Remember that as an asteroid has its orbit pushed outwards, it still makes a full circle around your planet in the same amount of time as in its previous smaller orbit. This means that as orbits are pushed outwards, the rocks are traveling at faster speeds, stressing the importance of capturing them at slow speeds to avoid deflecting off new asteroids you will need to capture.

Remember to save the planet you end up creating after unlocking the Asteroid Nursery achievement, as a planet with a horde of asteroids can prove to be very useful for other missions or purposes.

Asteroid Nursery Achievement - Solar 2
Life Planet with 23 asteroids in orbit, satisfying the Asteroid Nursery achievement.

‘Asteroid Nursery’ Achievement Video Guide

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