Planet Stage Challenge Mission 3: ‘Planet Survival’

Challenge Mission 3: ‘Planet Survival’

The Planet Survival challenge mission in Solar 2 has you tasked with combating and destroying as many nomad ships as you possibly can within a 60 second time limit, while also having to survive the onslaught itself. In this mission you will be given an evolved Life Planet with 90 mass and physics options set to allow a high number of planet turrets and supporting combat ships.

Easy Score: 20 Kills
Medium Score: 40 Kills
Hard Score: 60 Kills

The trick to getting the hard score on Planet Survival is to directly involve your planet and it’s turrets in the ship vs ship combat, as opposed to allowing your space ships to combat the nomads by themselves. Your ships should serve their main purpose of distracting fire from your planet while you circle the edges of the fight laying into the nomads with your lasers. In addition, it is best to find clusters of enemy ships you can destroy by physically plowing them with your planet, which is another highly effective method of racking up your kill count. The one danger you should watch out for is groups of missile boats, ramming or getting close only when obviously preoccupied, as their massed rockets can quickly take out your shields and life.

Challenge Mission 3: ‘Planet Survival’ Video Guide

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