‘Elite’ and ‘Grind Star’ Achievements

‘Elite’ and ‘Grind Star’ Achievements

Both the Elite and Grind Star achievements are free-form tasks that can only be completed during the Star stage of Solar 2. Both are closely related, with Elite requiring you to build up a 6 star system and Grind Star requiring a 40 star system.

One point of note is that these achievements can both be unlocked with physics or god options on and this is exactly what we are going to do to quicken the process. Depending on which version of the game you have, it may be necessary to complete all the main game missions in order to unlock these options first, which is suggested since doing this task without these options is guaranteed to take a very long time.

Options to Set

Physics Options:
Gravity Factor = 0 (This will be changed later, but it helps initially)Collision Damage Factor = 0
God Options:
Instant Spawn Mode = Key Down

Elite & Grind Star Achievement - Solar 2
A solar system comprised of 42 Neutron Stars, surpassing the Grind Star achievement and causing one hell of a gravity well.

How to Build Your System:

With collision damage turned off and the ability to instantly spawn both planets and asteroids we will be able to make our system grow to phenomenal sizes at a quick rate. What you need to do is hold down the C key to spawn planets until you have 10, then hold down the Z key to spawn an endless supply of asteroids which you will move your planets through while repeatedly tapping the L key to absorb all the rocks captured.

With this method you will quickly hit the 6 stars needed for the Elite achievement and as your progress towards 15 and up, will want to turn gravity up a bit while moving around more as the asteroids will start to spawn inside your ring of stars, requiring you to dance about to fling them outwards towards your planets.

Remember to always spawn additional planets once one has been turned into a new small star. Also remember to save your system along the way and once more upon reaching the 40 stars needed to unlock the Grind Star achievement, as having a massive star system can give you a unique method to completing some of the missions.

‘Elite’ and ‘Grind Star’ Achievement Video guide

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