Final Boss

Upon completing all the various missions available to you in all 3 primary stages of Solar 2, Star, Planet, and Asteroid, you will be presented with one final mission by the Entity. Your last task will be facing your ominous director, celestial power versus celestial power, in your hardest challenge yet. Completion of this mission and witnessing the video it rewards unlocks the achievement The Entity.

The Entity, whom you must now destroy, consists of 7 Medium Stars chained around two Black Holes. These stars will constantly spawn planets which they will then fling out at you after a few orbits and the Black Holes will cause a massive gravity well that will pull in everything nearby.

In order to perform this mission successfully, you will have to spawn as a Star or Solar System and complete the entire mission without advancing to the Black Hole, or you will forfeit the level. Completing this mission also results in unlocking The Entity achievement.

Final Boss - Solar 2
Fighting the Entity in the Final Boss mission.

Tactics for the Boss Mission:

The idea here is you want to use a system with multiple stars and max life to give your stars shields with which to plow into the Entity’s stars after knocking lose their Life Planets. If your shields drop and you lose mass, remember you can retreat for a bit to capture the planets thrown off by the entity and grow your stars back up. Once six stars have been taken out, the final one will get consumed by the Black Holes and The Entity achievement will unlock along with a brief video.

If you have a Grind Star system saved from the achievement below, you can use it to sweep over the entity’s own stars much like mentioned for the Duel missions. Just be careful not to lose too many of your own stars in the Black Holes during your passes.

Final Boss Video Guide

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