Concert Mission 2

If completing this mission normally, your best bet is to do so as a fully evolved Life Planet as the shields provided are even more useful here than in the previous level. Turrets and ships for the most part won’t be very useful as the hazards you face will come in the form of asteroids, then planets, then stars and finally a mix of the three that you will have to continuously dodge.

The path key (P) is absolutely essential here as it will give you an excellent heads up on which way the massive slew of objects you will be facing are traveling in. The directions these obstacles travel in and spawn from is entirely random throughout the level.

Using the path key and a nearby Solar System as a shield in Concert 2

“Planetary Soloist” Achievement

To unlock Planetary Soloist, you will have to perform this entire level without possessing any life, which means no shields and less total mass as a Small Planet. Like the I’m Late! achievement covered in the first Concert level, having a massive asteroid shield (see Asteroid Nursery) is beneficial here for a number of reasons.

Again the vision bonus by a large asteroid collection is very useful here for Planetary Soloist, granting a wider look at oncoming objects. Second the physical barrier aspect in this level is significantly more beneficial, often preventing other asteroids from impacting your planet or absorbing them outright and occasionally vaporizing or deflecting incoming planets. Finally and unmentioned previously is the benefit of having a source of “food” at the ready should a collision or graze end up depleting some of your mass, allowing you to prevent an imminent demise.

Without having life and the additional mass it brings or shields, along with the near impossibility of completely avoiding all collisions, feeding your planet by collecting the incoming asteroids is a tactic you should try to utilize as often as possible. Try to do this and keep your mass hovering around 60-70 at least, allowing you to take some decent hits and still survive.

Another major assistance can be locating a nearby Solar System as soon as possible into the level. Doing this will provide you with a large barrier which you can use to block a large amount of objects traveling from whichever side the Solar System is relative to you. Use this as your shield but keep in mind that it will catch incoming planets in its orbits, often quickly changing their paths and that once the Stars show up it will be dissipated quickly.

Lastly, while the asteroid shield can occasionally backfire and send one of your own rocks or another object into your planet instead, the chance of this is significantly rarer than the chance you skin is saved from one of the benefits mentioned above. As soon as the 2 minutes are up and you still survive you will immediately complete the mission, also unlocking Planetary Soloist as long as you never evolved life on your planet by avoiding the transition from the small stage through limited consumption of mass.

Unlocking the Planetary Soloist achievement in the Steam version of Solar 2.

Concert Mission 2 + “Planetary Soloist” Video Guide

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