Unlocking the Betrayal Achievement in Solar 2

Shown in the video below, the process in unlocking the Betrayal achievement in Solar 2 is much the same as growing a single star system to a black hole but just takes twice as long to do. Mass consumed is always evenly split between your stars with whichever one is the smallest having the priority in consuming the next planet. In other words there is no way to turn a neutron star into a black hole while you still have a Small Star or other smaller star as it will consume all the planets you eat until it is of equal size or larger.

One other challenge besides just having to consume more mass is the additional Life Planets you need to maintain a shield around your stars. A good way to determine how many life planets you need for Star Shields is to take the number of turrets currently on all your orbiting planets and divide that number by six and round it down. The number you get is the maximum amount of stars that can be shielded meaning 12 turrets across all your planets are required for a dual star system shield.

Betrayal Achievement - Solar 2
Unlocking the Betrayal Achievement upon collapsing a dual star system into a black hole.

Betrayal Achievement Video Guide

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