Fine Art Missions & The ‘Gentle But Firm’ Achievement

Fine Art Missions 1-3

The Fine Art chain of missions in the video game Solar 2 have you working as curator for the Entity and some of its celestial art pieces set up in the area. Each mission presents a different task related to returning these works to a pristine state.

Tips for these levels:

Generally, these levels are far easier to perform without having any lifeforms existing on your planet. You can also perish in level 2 without being penalized, however if you touch any of the planets or star in level 1 or outright destroy any of the planets or stars in any of the levels you will fail the mission. This is why having life on your planet makes things difficult as they will often shoot up a planet until destroyed instead of simply helping you with your task and moving on.

Unfortunately, due to the random nature of this game, there is the potential for other hostile planets or Nomad ships to come in and ruin your day, forcing a restart of the mission. For this reason it is best to complete these levels in a timely manner to prevent such outside interference from becoming an issue.

Fine Art 1

Level one starts out with you having to destroy all the asteroids orbiting the planets in a nearby solar system. Start with the outer planets working your way in, matching speeds with the planets and simply positioning yourself inside the orbit rings of the asteroids, using the orbit key (O) to see them, instead of flying into the asteroids yourself to prevent accidentally hitting the planets. Make sure the innermost planet is your last target as it is hard to take out that final asteroid without colliding with the star afterwards due to the powerful gravity well it possesses.

Fine Art 1
Removing the dirty asteroids in Fine Art 1

Fine Art 2

Your next task as curator of the stars is to go to another nearby solar system and modify the orbits of its planets so that they all travel counter-clockwise around the star. You must use your planet to match their speeds slowly grind against the clockwise traveling planets to bring them to a halt before nudging them in the proper direction. Turn on the path key to get a proper sense when they are corrected and just slow moving. Avoid striking these planets as to not destroy them outright or break their orbits and remember this mission allows you to respawn if you die. See the section below and the video to the right for the Gentle But Firm achievement.

Fine Art 2
Using the path key to match speeds and change the orbits of planets in Fine Art level 2.

Fine Art 3

For your final task in this chain it is time to exterminate some life that has taken residence on one of the nearby sculptures. Travel to the target solar system to find a pair of planets you have to exterminate the creatures from. Doing this without outright destroying the planets can be certainly tricky, however if you are quick enough, this mission can benefit from having a high mass Life Planet.

You will want to take your planet and strike gently or grind the inhabited planets as to not break their orbits until you can strip enough mass to stop the evolution process. Follow up with the same tactic against the second planet and you should be able to eradicate the life on both while your life is occupying the defender spaceships, retaining just enough mass to survive the process.

Fine Art 3
Using a Life Planet to quickly vaporize the lifeforms in Fine Art level 3.

Fine Art Missions Video Guide

“Gentle But Firm” Achievement

Covered primarily in the video below, this achievement requires that you complete the second level without dying. This can be difficult since as a Small Planet you are unable to possess enough mass to grind all the planets you need to in one stretch. To survive this process you must make an effort to quickly collect asteroids from the nearby area between correcting a few planets at a time. Try to have some practice at this point in grabbing asteroids quickly as outside interference can be a major issue in this level.

“Gentle But Firm” Achievement Video Guide

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