Challenge Mission 2: ‘Concert Encore’

The Concert Encore planet challenge mission takes a second pass at the planet story mission Concert, butt switches things up to present you with a new obstacle course to survive while a new upgraded version of the sick background song plays. The entire concert lasts 2 minutes all together, and you will be judged based on how many of the flying obstacles you can avoid.

Easy Score: 100 or less hits taken.
Medium Score: 50 or less hits taken.
Hard Score: 20 or less hits taken.

Concert Encore follows a similar progression as Concert does, however mixing up the way at which the objects fly across the screen. As opposed to coming head on 100% of the time, the objects flying at you will come from all directions but still towards the spot in space you currently inhabit. This makes it so you will have to constantly move to survive. Also, since you are judged based on hits versus just surviving, re-gaining mass is less helpful. Obstacles begin as flying asteroids, then planets and finally stars before you begin facing a mix of the three. Once all 3 object types are hurling at you at once, you are almost at the finish line.

Note: Stars will take you out in a single hit, so even though you may be under 20 hits, the subsequent obliteration will cause you to fail Concert Encore nonetheless.

Challenge Mission 2: ‘Concert Encore’ Video Guide

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